About the association

About the association

"Wind Energy Association" is an alliance,founded in 2006 with the aim of promoting wind energy use in Latvia. Creating and developing the Association, it is important for us not only to secure the legal and environmental framework of this industry, but the active participation of Latvian enterprises in this industry, as well.

Our goals:

  • Develop and use the great potential of Latvia to become an export nation for green energy, by developing wind energy production and use in particular;
  • Secure quality engagement and opportunities of Latvian enterprises, organizations and individuals, for our country's green resources to be delivering benefits to our citizens;
  • Participate and provide quality input in improving the legal framework of the industry and environment;
  • Encourage society's cognition and understanding of renewable resources, wind in particular; 
  • Defend the interests and investments of WEA members in wind energy industry development in Latvia;
  • Promote professional and mutually effective cooperation among WEA members, other industry players, professionals and organizations, and public authorities on Latvia and international level;
  • Promote investment, know-how and technology attraction for Latvian wind energy sector development;
  • Monitor and organize data, development indicators and other industry-specific indicators to serve as a unified, objective and current source of information on wind energy development in Latvia.



Our team

The most experienced industry professionals, experts and practicians in Latvia are in our team. 

About the association

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